Explore our wide range of premium tires designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance and ensure a smooth and safe ride.


Discover reliable and long-lasting batteries that power up your vehicle providing the energy needed for a seamless driving experience.


Enhance your vehicle’s functionality and style with our extensive collection of top-notch accessories, ranging from gadgets to add-ons.

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At Six Douglas Tire and Battery, we honor the values of a bygone era, where trust was sealed with a simple handshake. Our mission is to bring back the spirit of integrity and loyalty that once reigned supreme. While we can’t turn back time, we can certainly embrace the timeless values that defined how business was conducted in the past. Let us show you how we’re infusing our modern processes with the essence of those values in order to create an exceptional customer experience.


Here’s what our customers are saying!

Sailed into Trenton with some battery issues on our boat. These guys were great! Roger was very helpful over the phone and Rob came out to the boat to diagnose our issue and delivered a new battery for us. Since we came by boat and didn’t have a car that was a great help. He could have sold us all new batteries but he was very honest and only sold us what we needed. Great customer service. Highly recommend them!

- Jessica

I've been a loyal Battery Outlet customer for years now for my golf cart. It's exciting that the business is expanding to offer more services. I'll definitely be coming back this winter to get new snow tires.

- John

Excellent customer service, one of the best replacement warranties offered anywhere and the great prices. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

- H.L. Bain

Six Douglas Tire and Battery had great customer service, taking the time to explain the different tire options available to me and helping me select the right one for my vehicle.

- Amanda

Excellent service and staff. Always very reliable. I've been dealing with them for years now for business and personal. I'm never disappointed

- Aaron

I really enjoy the fact that Six Douglas is a one-stop-shop now. The expanded assortment is really exciting for Quinte. They have certified technicians, offer a wide range of trusted brands, provide free battery testing, and you can even get some pretty cool vehicle accessories here now. It's great!

- Kate